Anne Jamrose is a healer who has overcome many obstacles on her path to healing herself and others. She grew up on a farm in Pasco, Washington where she developed a deep love for animals and the natural world. Anne was always drawn to stones, aromatherapy and healing energy from a very young age. From childhood she also showed great promise for working with people as a career. Throughout her exploration of various modes of energy healing, she came to discover that Reiki is her true calling. It was around the age of 19 that she became truly aware that she was destined to help people to overcome their battles with darkness, depression, anxiety, pain, and illness. Her compassion for others was born from her own struggles.
Anne has a young daughter, a loving partner, a Chihuahua, a stepson and a spiritual home that she has found in the town of Eugene, Oregon. She loves being part of this community and has chosen this place as a permanent location for growing her practice.