Montreville M Blakely reviewed Blossom - Energy Body Work5 star

November 28 at 9:51pm ·

Great Energy, healing works better being grounded and balanced... Life goes both directions in energy �


Natalie Luminous reviewed Blossom - Energy Body Work5 star November 28 at 6:45pm ·

I had such a wonderful Reiki session with Anne. Her energy was strong yet comforting & I left feeling balanced & atuned energetically & emotionally. I highly recommend making an appointment.

Melissa Lembcke reviewed Blossom - Energy Body Work5 star·

The experience Anne brings to each session I have had has been incredible. I can't recommend her enough! If you are needing to work on any sort of healing, reiki will change your life and the way you feel from the inside out. The presence that Anne brings only makes the experience that much better!

Jeremy Zeth DeGuc reviewed Blossom - Energy Body Work5 star·

Annie is the real deal when it comes to energy work and helping others achieve their goals.

When I met Annie I was in one of the worst states of my life physically, mentally and emotionally.

Annie helped get me focused and healthy when I was depressed, exhausted completely confused about my direction in life. Through her interview process she pinpointed the things in my life that bring me happiness and fulfilment. She then presented it in an easy to reference guide which help...ed me implement these practices into my day to day routine.

She literally healed the chronic pain in my ankle which was limiting my activity and day to day life.

As an independent dog rescuer taking in severely damaged and challenging dogs, I have experienced the benefits of her energy work on my rescue dogs as well. This is something I never really even believed in until I experienced it first hand. I highly recommend her energy work if you have a dog suffering from anxiety or fear.

Annie is a beautiful soul who cannot be satisfied with a self serving life. Her path to helping others is sincere and full of love. I highly recommend her based off of my own experience.

Thank you Annie for all that you do to make the world a better place.